June 30, 2021 - BY Admin

Thomsa Glass becomes glasspartner Hyline minimaltic windows

What makes the Hyline systems unique?

Hyline continuously invests in research & development, so that comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand with sustainability and efficiency.

- Maximum capacity of 6 meters, out of a total of 18m². It is possible to move 1000 kg of weight with a single touch.

- Double glazing, triple glazing or bulletproof glass.

- Unlimited number of rails, central opening, corner opening (even angles that are not 90 degrees).

- Seamless integration into the floor

- Extensive range of security systems (multi-lock system, home automation, smartphone, ...).

- Blinds, roller shutters and fly screens integrated invisibly.

This high standards in windows combined with the expertise and high quality of the Thomsa Glass products is a perfect match