Thomsa Glass has a focus on high quality Smart glass products and solutions in the field of Daylight, Safety and Design!

Our customized products and solutions consists of a smart compromise between light diffusing, energy saving and insulating glass and safety glass. 
The architectural quality is very important; with our high-quality glass products no concessions are made in this area. 
We are constantly looking for innovative sustainable and safe glass solutions for the construction industry. We offer a personal, flexible and professional method in which the customer is always the starting point.
With help of configuration we are able to calculate ROI (Return of Investments) using the one solution compared to the other.

Each project has it’s solution, so we can individually view what glass product is most suitable to apply, so you can get the solution you’re looking for. Our quality products and expertise in this area have proven to be successful for many years and with a global experience,
No concessions on quality is made and partners are selected on their high standards in quality, testing and inspection control. 

Thomsa Glass can offer a complete solution with their high technology glass hardware partner like Smartglass, G-Smatt, Merck, SAGE, TESTUDO products or HERO Fire resistant glazing systems.