DYNACLIME is a Photochromic solar film powered by the UV light from the sun!

The photochromic solar film reacts to UV light and tints from clear to dark the brighter it is outside. Dynaclime provides a more pleasant indoor climate and reduces the energy consumption. The product can easily applied for facades, skylights, cars, balustrades etc.

The Dynaclime series has  different techniques and materials: 
Dynaclime Double Silver PC75DS, PC50DS
Dynaclime Optical Supreme PC75,  PC55
Dynaclime Spectra PC75N,  PC70N 

Features and advantages:
- 99% UV-rejection
- reduces the glare in the glass
-  energy saving
- compatible with low energy insulating glass
- more comfortable indoor climate
- the film provides protection in case of breakage of the  glass
- no need for electric curtains or other types of blinds
- 5 years warranty
- easy installation

It is  a very economic way to create your sun protection in terms of price and easy to install.

Technical datasheet and installation guidelines on request at: [email protected]