Bullet and Ballast Proof Glass. 

Thomsa Glass supplies all levels of bulletproof and explosion resistant glazing that provides extreme protection to the most risk prone military installations, government buildings, embassies, banks and, for example, money transport vehicles. Bullet-resistant glass in accordance with EN 1063.

The thickness of our bullet-resistant glass can reach up to 83 mm (BR7). The bullet-resistant glass is available from BR1 to BR7, SG1 and SG2. The bullet-resistant glass is completely tailor-made and, by applying additional polycarbonate, the thickness can be reduced by up to 40% in some cases. 

We offer two basic options for our bullet-resistant glass; splinter (S) and a no-splinter (NS). A pane that complies with a class with a (NS) no-splinter certificate will stop a bullet that falls within the relevant safety class, whereby there will be no evidence of spall on the safe side of the glass.
We also have a solution in combination with curved bullet-resistant glass.

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