June 19, 2022 - BY Admin

Dynaclime Photochromic the ideal solution for Fastfood restaurant PLOQ and Supermarket LIDL

The fast food chain PLOQ and the supermarket LIDL have selected Dynaclime for their new locations.

Dynalime is a photochromic solar film that is activated by the UV light and colors from clear to dark as the sun shines on the film.

The product is easy to apply on facades, skylights, cars, railings, etc.

The Dynaclime series has two different techniques and materials:
Dynaclime Optical Supreme PC75, PC55
Dynaclime Spectra PC70N, PC62N and PC45N.

Dynaclime provides 99% UV protection and can be applied to existing glass as well as new glazing.
It is  a very economic way to create your sun protection in terms of price and easy to install.

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