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February 19, 2020 - BY Admin

Dynamic Glass has the future


 Thomsa Glass from Eindhoven is moving forward. Fi. Smart Glass privacy glass partition walls have recently been applied at the Eastman Chemicals HQ office in Rotterdam and Theater Carré's roof glazing has been replaced by Suntuitive Dynamic Glass. Thomsa has also received the exclusive distribution of G-Smatt Digital Media Glass for the Netherlands. Director José Zaman: "Dynamic glass is the future."


As a specialist in the field of smart glass, Thomsa Glass represents the privacy glass of  Dream Glass (Spain), the digital media glass G-Smatt (Korea) and Suntuitive Thermochromic glazing (USA). In addition, they also provide advice in the field of electrochromic glass as an independent party. Recently, benchmarking was done between Sage (Saint-Gobain), Eyrise (Merck) and Halio (AGC). Here we note interesting differences that you can only experience in practice.

The company is also happy to take up the challenge of special glass projects. Think of Glass stairs, railings, BIPV, special applications of safety glass and other custom work. Zaman: "The first reaction to our products is often" they are expensive or more expensive. " But clients look too explicitly at the purchase price only. With dynamic glass you also have to include the exploitation. How much do you gain compared to, for example, outdoor sun protection in terms of lifespan, maintenance, comfort with in parallel improved performance and less absenteeism, and above all the reduction in energy consumption? When you count all those factors, it becomes a completely different calculation. "


Thomsa Glass likes to think and draw along with clients. "We can present them the entire range of products," Zaman explains. "One wants everything to go automatically, the other does not want electricity in his façade, while others prefer to dim or obscure with the push of a button." south facade of an office whose slats work poorly. If the results are satisfactory, the glass of the entire facade will be replaced. "Because of the energy saving for cooling, the payback period of the additional price compared to regular solar control glass is two to three years. In addition, on a dark day, Suntuitive allows two thirds of the light through, which is 50 to 55 percent for solar control glass. Another difference: it is always about safety glass: two Toughened panes with the Thermochromic foil in between. "


As an example of some successful projects with Privacy Glass, Zaman mentions the Middelheim hospital in Antwerp and the UZ in Ghent where Smart Glass has been used in the operating rooms. Also in the office of Eastman Chemicals in Rotterdam all meeting rooms  Privacy Smart is provided in order to achieve privacy as desired. Delivering a Smart Glass wall is just so special as Eastman is primarily known for films. According to Zaman, the glass distinguishes itself from competing products by the high light transmission (70%) and lower haze factor (degree of deflection, 4.5). According to Zaman, Smart Glass has been an important player in the field of privacy glass for years. 


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Author: Marco Groothoff