January 30, 2022 - BY Admin

Launch of new Privacyglass program and brochure

Thomsa Glass has modified the Smart Privacy program with some unique products and combinations.
This was the perfect reason to update our brochure combined with some new  references in Hotels, Hospitals, offices , but also at home.  Interested: just send us a mail [email protected]

What is unique about Smart Glass privacy glass from Thomsa Glass:

1. No restrictions. Combinations with solar control, fire-resistant, x-ray glass, triple glass are all possible, with the necessary test reports.
2. We also distinguish ourselves in dimensions. 
Maximum sizes: 2,000 x 4,200mm
3. Great product brightness, < 3% Haze .
4. Minimum warranty 5 years and in insulated glass 10 years.

Contact Thomsa Glass for a complete customized solution including clear solutions for the electrical connections.