February 17, 2020 - BY Admin

Thomsa Glass launches G-Smatt LED Glass

Thomsa Glass represents architectural glass products and systems for special applications in interior and exterior, with a focus on Smart glass. The company from Eindhoven is appointed for the distribution of G-Smatt Digital Media Glass for a part of Europe.
Like the existing media glass products, G-Smatt Digital Media Glass is based on LED technology. In contrast to dense LED screens, which do not allow light through and obstruct the view, the view is retained when G-Smatt is used. The difference with existing products is that the LED lights are not connected in strands, so that they are incorporated into the glass as a kind of slats, but are controlled individually. On the inside the LEDs are visible as dots and filter the light, on the outside of the media facade any presentation is possible, moving or not. G-Smatt even claims 99.75 percent transparency when the LEDs are not in use.