March 05, 2022 - BY Admin

Thomsa Glass the bridge between Scandinavia and Europe

SMARTGLASSNORDIC and Thomsa Glass, based in the Netherlands, have

entered into a collaboration, where Thomsa Glass will distribute and market the products SMARTGLASS ECO and DYNACLIME together with their sales agents in the European market. You will find the products in Benelux, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal.

 We are very proud to hand over our high qualitative products in Thomsa Glass’ hands, who will treat the products with knowledge and professionalism. SMARTGLASSNORDIC will continue to focus on the Scandinavian market and develop new products with the same high Scandinavian quality and with a focus on sustainability.

 To reach six new markets together with Thomsa Glass is another milestone for SMARTGLASSNORDIC. The markets are huge and with Thomsa Glass’ experience in handling complex projects with very high customer satisfaction we are very happy with the trust placed in us as a supplier of Smart Glass products to the European market. We really look forward to launching our product range in these markets in close collaboration with José and his team.” // Johan Sigurdsson, CEO SMARTGLASSNORDIC. 

 We are very happy to have the collaboration with SMARTGLASSNORDIC, because with  products as SMARTGLASS ECO and DYNACLIME they add something to our portfolio. With the new ECO-products we go from 110V to 48V or 65V and reduces power consumption by half for our end users. With Dynaclime we have a Photochromic dynamic solution that reacts to UV light and tints from clear to dark the brighter it is outside. Dynaclime provides a more pleasant indoor climate and reduces the energy consumption. All these products fits in our compnay policy to have a lower Co2 footprint and besides it's a pleasure to work with the  SGN Team"// José Zaman, MD Thomsa Glass.