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April 09, 2020 - BY Admin

Update COVID-19

As Thomsa Glass, we represent Logli Massimo and Dream glass from countries that are  deeply affected by COVID-19. Both factories are therefore closed on the basis of national restrictions. We understand this situation and trust that you as a customer  understands this as well. However, Thomsa Glass is open and mother nature clearly shows that spring has started.

The sun is getting brighter and the temperatures behind the glass are getting higher. But is your home / office prepared for that?! Shutters, screens and air conditioners are put back into use. How nice would it be if this is not needed . 
Suntuitive Dynamic Glass offers a solution by keeping out the heat and bright sun without compromising the view.   Do what fi. Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam has done and use Suntuitive Dynamic glass.

Curious how Suntuitive works and what are the benefits and savings for you?

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