TG Glass Radiator

Every aspect of the modern home has evolved over the years both in terms of aesthetic styling and technological content. Yet the warmth of a home continues to be released by radiators, as was the case many decades ago.

This is the concept behind the TG Glass Radiator, which stood out from the rest, having revolutionised the appearance of traditional radiators, turning them into genuine iconic pieces and re-position it in the home as an item of interior design, sculptural almost, capable of redefining the architectural spaces.

*other colours on demand.

Hygienic & easy to clean

The flat surfaces of the radiators are very easy to clean and prevent the accumulation of dust. Added to this, convection currents are reduced to a minimum which means that dust and therefore allergies are almost eliminated. It also does not circulate dust in contrast to standard radiators.


The advanced safety and healthy heating features of TG Glass Radiator differentiate it from all other heating systems and make it the safest heating solution.

- Passed all safety tests and obtained CE certification from TÜV SÜD
- Waterproof (IPX6). Safe and practical for bathrooms.
- The surface  is safe to touch. Even maximum temperature does not burn hands.
- Does not burn or circulate dust.
- Does not dry air since electrical element is not in contact with ambient air.
- Non-flammable.
- Safety sensors prevent from overheating. Even if you forget to turn it off it will maintain the maximum heat of 65 degrees.
- In case of breakage, glass remains intact and current cut automatically.
- The edges and corners are rounded and polished against accidental falls.

Silent & reliable

The TG Glass Radiator is a solid-state heat generator without liquids or moving parts, practically eliminates noise and reduces the number of breakdowns to zero.

Easy & practical

The glass radiator is a plug & play product with minimum complication and no need for maintenance or plumbing.

Our models can be installed vertically or horizontally, therefore it is very simple to move it between locations.

Comfortable & Ecological

The heating principle of TG Glass Radiators is similar to the sun. The radiation emitted by the panel generates a gentle heat that wraps as if you were under the sun. With it’s unprecedented radiation rate, the radiators diffuse a uniform heat from floor to ceiling, regulated by an electronic thermostat.

The glass radiator diffuses gentle heat even after the power is switched off thanks to the thermal inertia effect of glass material. It offers a pleasant “warm spot” in the room, providing unequalled comfort.

It needs less power to heat your spaces thanks to triple action(radiation, convection and thermal inertia) and increased surface heating area.

The glass radiators work with 100% efficiency. It transforms electrical energy to heat without any loss and operates with 70% by radiation and 30% by convection.

Installation  & accessories 

Wall Mounting: TG Glass Radiators include stainless steel wall mounting accessories that enable the easy installation and safe usage. Stainless steel mounting accessories match perfectly with the shiny surface of the panels.

Towel rails: The optional stainless steel towel rails complete the look and gives you the ability to warm and dry towels in the most elegant way.